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Reasons to volunteer #1

“To anyone with spare time on their hands, I would suggest volunteering. It is a wonderful hobby in itself; you choose your hours, days and the type of thing that interests you – did you ever get that in work? Now is your opportunity, give yourself a new lease of life and try having a go at all these different jobs – you will, hopefully, be rewarded with thanks, smiles, a feel good factor, a healthy and improved mind set and who knows what else?” Why not give it a go?

Barbara Lank, Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend Volunteer

Variety is the spice of life…

You’ve probably heard it before, but varying your training programme really can improve your running performance.

So here are our top 3 suggestions to progress your fitness, reduce injuries and keep you motivated;

  1. Give Yoga a go – there is plenty evidence to suggest that Yoga is a great way to increase your range of motion and help improve your breathing technique.
  2. Body pump is great for strengthening and provides a complete body work out to include those muscles you may not use in running.
  3. HIIT will get that heart pumping to improve cardiovascular condition as well as providing a challenging workout that will stop you getting bored of training!

Interested? Here’s some local classes you can try out.

More than a Marathon

Not a marathon runner? No worries, our series of races provides you with a choice of distances and so caters for the first time runner through to seasoned marathon veterans.

With a 10 Mile Race in East Grinstead and Haywards Heath, a 10K in Burgess Hill, plus a fun run and 1 mile chip timed race on each day of the event. Then of course, a Marathon distance! We make that 10 options to get involved, no excuses!