Keeping active once you’re back to work

If you have a busy schedule, here are a few tips to help you keep active.

1.Make a plan and stick to it.

2.Limit screen and TV time, to make time for exercise.

3.Try cycling or walking to work.

4.Short online workouts can fit in with your busy schedule.

5.Keep track of your steps and move around each hour to get those steps in. Aim to complete the recommended minimum 10,000 steps per day!

6.Try doing some yoga while watching TV.

7.Set an alarm to take a break and go for a short walk.

8.Try standing instead of sitting whenever you can.

9. Set yourself a challenge and enter one of the Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend events today.


Perfect for race day!

A simple walk, jog, or march, in motion or in place, can serve as a good warm-up for kids. You can also incorporate any of these kinds of movements:

Arm circles or swings: Hold arms outstretched from shoulders and turn in small circles. Increase the size of the circles and swing arms forward and back from the shoulder.

Dancing: Let kids make up their own moves to music they like.

Side Hops: With feet together, jump from one side of an imaginary line to the other. Or hop on one foot and switch back and forth.

High Knees: While walking, lift knees high in the air. Intensify by adding arm movements, or by speeding up the walk to a jog.

Butt Kicks: Like high knees in reverse. Exaggerate your steps in jogging by reaching your foot toward your rear end.

Walking Lunges: Step forward with one leg and lower so the knee is at a 90-degree angle and the back leg is stretched out long. Then lift the back leg up and forward so it’s bent and in front. Continue alternating lunges while moving forward.

Jumping Jacks: When you’re ready to add some more intensity to your warm-up exercises, incorporate jumping jacks—they involve both arms and legs and add impact to your routine.

Side Hops: With feet together, jump from one side of an imaginary line to the other. Or hop on one foot and switch back and forth.

Grapevine: Walk or jog sideways, crossing one foot in front of the other in an alternating pattern

Now you’re ready for the 1 mile family fun run, a 5K or even the 1/2 of full marathon. If you haven’t already entered, sign up now!

Keep Active with our Weekly Top Tips!

Now the Virtual MSMW 2020 Race is over, We want to help you keep race ready, so here is the first in our series of useful tips.

We all know the health benefits of physical activity and it’s as important as ever during social distancing. Here’s how you can stay active, remain physically fit and maintain positive mental health: 


Most of us have less structure to our daily routines, especially if working from home. Keep a regular routine with your workouts to frame your day and ensure that you do not skip out on exercise. 


This is a great way to stay motivated and keep on track to achieve what you desire.



Whether you have five minutes or twenty, spending a few minutes first thing in the morning stretching out and mobilising the joints and muscles can be very beneficial for both the mind and body.


Throughout the lockdown period, The Government have recognised the importance of outdoor activity. As restrictions ease, there is more opportunity to exercise outdoors, so continue to make time each day for some outdoor activity.

Of course running it is one of the most efficient ways to workout. If you’re not a runner, walking can provide similar health benefits.


Find a friend to participate in a virtual workout program with you. This will keep you motivated and is a great way to stay social while maintaining social distancing.

Online workout, home workout


There are many home fitness apps and websites available that allow for all different types of workouts from home strength training to yoga and maybe even high intensity interval training! 


Running with dog

This is a great way to keep exercise fun whilst spending quality time with your pet.

Let us know how you get on by commenting on our facebook page or twitter feed!

Over indulged this Christmas?

If you need to burn off those extra calories, now might be the time to take up running!

There are plenty of ways to get started, like the running course offered by Mid Sussex Wellbeing or find out about running clubs in your area. Start now and you’ll be ready to enter MSMW2020 before you know it!

Does the heat remind you of MSMW 2018?

Gosh it’s a scorcher this weekend! It certainly takes us back to MSMW 2018 when temperatures hit 26 degrees!

If you’re running in the heat this week, here are some tips from Runners World.

and don’t forget to sign up by 31st August to benefit from our early bird offer!

Running for Mental Health

It’s well documented that running is good for mental health. Relieving stress, improving sleep and boosting your mood are just some of the many benefits. So, for Mental Health Awareness Week here are 5 ways you can get involved in running;

1. Join a local running club, they offer great support and help you to meet other like minded people. Details of running clubs in Sussex can be found here.

2. If a local running group is not for you, then try an online running community such as The Lonely Goat Running Club. MSMW 2019 runner Rob, who was running for mental health,says the online community “offers great support”. We think that’s a fab idea!

3. If you’re totally new to running, try a ParkRun. Taking place all over the country they are open to everyone, free, safe and easy to take part in. Events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and they encourage people of every ability to take part.

4. Check out your local Wellbeing Service, who offer support and guidance on a range of services, including how to start running.

5. If you feel you are not ready to start running, you can still be part of the community by volunteering to help at local events. Many running events can only take place because of the support of the amazing people who give up their time to volunteer. For inspiration, read out volunteer stories here.

Photo Credits: Just Simon Photography

A special offer for Mid Sussex Marathon Runners

The Perrymount Clinic are offering all Mid Sussex Marathon Runners a £10 discount off Deep Tissue Massage with Leanne.

Ideal if you’re still suffering some post marathon niggles or need injury treatment to help you get back to running again? Or maybe you are after a personal best?

A 45 minute massage for only £32 instead of £42. Call 01444 410944 to book or visit Offer valid until July 1st. Only one massage per person. Just mention you ran the Mid Sussex Marathon to receive your discount.

Sydney runs to raise money for DEC Cyclone Idai Appeal

We heard some inspiring stories from runners at todays East Grinstead 10 Mile Event. We’ll be bringing you their stories over the next few days.

Like Sydney Mlambo, who ran the East Grinstead 10 Mile Race today to raise money for DEC Cyclone Idai Appeal. Cyclone Idai swept through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe just over 2 weeks ago, leaving a trail of destruction, killing 750 people and leaving 2.5 million people in need of help.

Sydney ran today in remembrance of those who died and to help those who have been left orphaned and homeless. If you want to donate visit just giving. We salute you Sydney.