Choose Your Challenge

You can take on the ultimate 3-day Marathon or Half Marathon challenge, enter one of the individual events, or complete a Fun Run as a family. These can be completed at any location near you, in one one day or a Marathon over 3 days, in the traditional way the event would normally take place. Send us proof of your time and distance, we’ll accept tracked running maps, photos and even witness statements. All finishers will be entered onto the leader board and will receive one of our unique 2020 medals.

Or you can take a more novel approach and complete the distance of your choice in your own unique style! Walk, run, on a bike or in a wheelchair! You’ll still receive a medal for completing. You may even decide to raise money for our chosen charity the NSPCC, or another cause that is close to your heart.

We don’t mind how you do it, in fact the more creative the better! Walk a Marathon in 40 days, complete 422 x100metre Sprints, hop for a Mile, or Cycle a Marathon in two hours, we’d love to see how you do it, do post your selfies and remember to use the tag MSMW2020!

All we ask is that you complete your challenge in accordance with the Government’s latest social distancing guidelines.

For all the Family

  • 1 KM Family Fun Run
  • Junior 1 Mile Run
  • Or try an individual race
  • Maybe even the ultimate Challenge of a marathon!

Individual Races

  • East Grinstead 5 or 10 Mile
  • Haywards Heath 5 or 10 Mile
  • Burgess Hill 5K or 10K
  • Complete 1,2 or 3 to complete a Half or Full Marathon

Ultimate Challenge

  • Half-Marathon 13.1 Miles
  • Full Marathon 26.2 Miles
  • Win all 4 medals!
  • Why not challenge yourself to Both!

Do it your way!