Environment & Sustainability

Our partnership with White Rabbit Events:

Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend are excited to announce a new partnership with White Rabbit Events, who will be supporting us to reduce the environmental impact of our event by providing advice, carefully sourced sustainable products and environmentally friendly solutions.

By working with White Rabbit Events, we are showing a real commitment to lowering our impact and to ensure the unique Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend is more sustainable.

We will be ensuring that recyclable, circular and biodegradable products are used throughout the event, from marketing materials through to participant goodies, and that event waste is disposed of responsibly.

Together we have developed exciting sustainable and bespoke solutions to the traditional event collateral, focussing on the production, footprint and disposal of each material.

Participants can expect eco-friendly mementos and the knowledge that they have been part of a forward thinking, eco-conscious event. Leave nothing but footprints!


White Rabbit Events work with suppliers who are serious about sustainability, looking at social, economic and environmental factors for each solution. They ensure the end to end process is as sustainable as possible, from renewable powered manufacturing plants, lower carbon footprint transportation and ensuring our suppliers are ethically and socially responsible employers. 

We are proud that they are supplying Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend with the following sustainable solutions:

Marketing materials

  • Sustainably sourced, FSA certified paper marketing materials
  • Recyclable outdoor event banners and signage, made using recyclable polyester which can be disposed of in plastic recycling

Printed materials are created by The Sustainable Print Company, a Sussex based printing company who focus on providing the most environmentally friendly print solution possible. They offer a range of recycled and recyclable materials that are printed using either a part bio-plastic digital toner or a soy-based vegetable ink for larger lithographic print runs.

Event requirements

  • Wooden medals designed by White Rabbit Events and produced on sustainably sourced maple wood by a UK manufacturer.
  • Traditional metal medals for the longer distance races, designed in-house and in a commemorative style. Whilst these are made from metals, they are designed to be kept and shown off as they are bespoke and unique to each town.
  • Organic cotton race T-shirts produced by a company who have recently won the Queen’s Award for Innovation and have partnered with BBC Earth. No fast fashion here – these shirts are great to be worn casually and not just on race day! They are made to order rather than in bulk, from natural and organic materials and even using natural fertilizer (cow manure) to grow the cotton seeds. The manufacturing process is powered by renewable energy and the shirts are designed to be sent back when not wanted or worn out, to be turned into the next shirt which makes them a truly circular product.
  • Fully recyclable paper, 100% plastic and PLA free cups at water stations. These are the first cups to be made which are recyclable in all paper streams. They are made in the UK using sustainably sourced FSA approved fibres, helping support a circular economy.

These are just some of the areas in which we are reducing the impact of the Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend. We are currently looking at potential sustainable event merchandise and renewable event power options.

White Rabbit Events will also be providing a waste management service to ensure competitor waste is placed in the correct recycling streams set up on site and disposed of correctly.