Opportunities for Engagement

About the event

The Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend is a hugely successful community sporting event with unrivalled accessibility.

Hosted over three days by the three towns of Mid Sussex, participants can choose any of the three races in each town or finish all three headline races and complete the full Mid Sussex Marathon.

This offers a rare opportunity to complete a full 26.2-mile marathon over a less intensive timescale. In addition to the headline marathon races, runners of all ages and abilities are catered to with the Mid Sussex Mile and Fun Run events.

Profile & Visability

Facebook saw a 17% point increase in followers, along with

The Mid Sussex Marathon continues to enjoy extensive coverage in local print and broadcast media, and shows sustained visibility and engagement through social media channels sustained reach and engagement figures – this despite changes to Facebook’s ‘reach’ metrics causing a widespread decline for many channel users.

Twitter also continues to perform well, with a significant increase in engagements reflecting the ongoing trend of migration from static site display to social channels.

Local print and broadcast media coverage was again, exceptional, with highlights being:

  • Mid Sussex Times
  • The Argus
  • Meridian Radio
  • Numerous community news forums and outlets

2018 Successes

Despite the challenging temperatures, attendance and participation remain extremely strong, demonstrating the sustained appetite for endurance sports events.

  • Marathon participants: 314 (46% point increase on 2017)
  • Runs made: 1,821 (36% point increase on 2017)
  • Total participants: 1,187

Other key participant insights included:

  • 50/50 gender split
  • Strong age diversity
    • 18-34 = 25%
    • 35-45 = 37%
    • 46-55 = 24%
    • 66-75% = 3%

Volunteer engagement also remains strong, with good support through local running clubs, community and worship groups ensuring that all locations were fully marshalled.

Development for 2019

A fully integrated development and marketing plan for 2019 provides confidence in forecasting increased participation and visibility in all areas:

  • Gross participants: +60%
  • Marathon participants: +40%
  • Participants under 18yrs: +50%
  • Volunteers: +30%

Opportunities for support

Just as the Mid Sussex Marathon offers options for all levels of participant, we also offer a range of support and engagement opportunities to suit most event partners. We can also customize certain elements of these opportunities on request.

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Contact us to learn more about opportunities for supporting the Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend and how your business can benefit from being associated with this community focussed event.

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