Tips On Recovering

Advice from Sports Massage Therapist, Leigh Smith. You entered the Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend, arguably harder than running a marathon in one day, and now you’ve completed it – your legs ache, how do you recover? Follow these tips to help you get through the next few days.
Nutrition. First stop, nutrition. After each day of the marathon weekend head to the food bans and grab some carbohydrates and protein. This aids in recovery and refills your depleted glycogen stores. The week after, do the same. Focus on good sources of protein and carbs to help restock the energy stores and help those muscles repair.
Keep Mobile. Keep moving. Between the races it will be tempting to just rest up on your couch, but a short walk is and light stretching is best, as this gets the blood flowing and tired muscles moving again. Keep eating as well, as your body needs to refuel, remember to include protein as your body will be in repair mode.
Time For A Massage. The week after the race is a great time to get a light sports massage. Any tender or tight muscles are going to respond well to be treated now.
When To Run Again? Listen to your body, if and when you decide to run take it very easy. You owe it to your body to be kind. Start with a very slow 10 minutes and build slowly from there. A few aches and pains are expected but dont push through any sharp or shooting pains.
Go Again. Book for next year’s event. You know you said you wouldn’t, but you will…
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Leigh Smith, Mid Sussex Osteopath & Sports Massage Therapists
April 2023


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