Congratulations to our sponsors, Hurst College

Hurst College was delighted to win the Sporting Achievement award in the 2020 Independent Schools of the Year. The judges’ decision to present the college with this award was due to its focus on recognising the physical and mental value of sport and sharing the benefits with the wider community, including the children of key workers during lockdown. The physical and mental wellbeing of pupils is central to Hurst’s sports offering and equal attention is given to those who simply want to participate as well as the elite performers. Its ambition is to create an activity diet that engage all pupils in an enjoyable, challenging and meaningful way, through traditional team sports, individual sports and outdoor pursuits-and to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. The College also offers a unique player welfare programme, with qualified physiotherapists who triage, monitor injuries and support rehabilitation in conjunction with strength and conditioning coaches.

Hurst’s philosophy has always been the importance if sport for all, which not only includes its own students and staff, but other schools and organisations in the local community. The extensive facilities and a sustained programme of development play a significant roles in enabling the college to provide a broad range of activities, create community initiatives and host events. The college has forged strong links with maintained schools by hosting development days, as well as being a hub for Surrey Storm Netball South and Sussex County Cricket academies, a feeder for the Harlequins Rug by Development Programme and the base for Sussex Hockey.

Under normal circumstances, 100 teams across all ages and levels of sporting ability compete throughout the year- the result of a carefully crafted development programme which has delivered sustained success at regional and national competitions, and which has also taught pupils important life skills along the way. The college’s Sports Department responded well to the unique challenges of remote learning by creating alternative ways of engagement and successfully implemented a comprehensive programme, including on-site options for children of key workers.

The college has established a reputation for the quality, breadth and inclusivity of its sporting provision. Successful collaboration with pupils and parents and a constant desire to improve is the driving force behind its overarching aim to ensure that each pupil develops a lifelong love of sport and physical activity. 

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Due to the on-going pandemic, the Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend will now be a virtual event once again.

Simon Adby, Race Director said “Our highest priority is the service and experience we provide to our runners and we did not deem it possible to confidently plan a live event with there still being so much uncertainty about the circumstances within which we would be able to operate. Substantial investment is required a minimum of 6 months in advance of staging a live 3-day event and being a not-for-profit event we deemed the current uncertainty to be too much of a risk. 

Despite all the odds, The Virtual Mid Sussex Marathon in 2020 was a complete success, with over 400 people taking part, most managing the full 26.2 miles over the month. The flexibility provided the challenge needed for serious runners whilst giving people who never would have believed they would complete a marathon a chance to experience the exhilarating feeling of achieving something amazing.” He added. “This is the 10th year so we want even more people to get involved. We don’t mind how old you are, how experienced you are or even how you do it! Walk, run, hop, skip or in a Wheelchair its up to you, and the more creative, the better!

Registration is now open for our 2021 virtual event, Mid Sussex Marathon

Set your pace.

As challenging as ever, runners complete a marathon or half marathon distance during May 2021. For the full Mid Sussex Marathon experience, this can be completed over 3 consecutive days (Marathon: 10 mile, 10 mile, 10 km; Half Marathon: 5 mile, 5 mile, 5 km), or take the challenge at your own pace across the whole month.

Participants will receive a fabulous Mid Sussex Marathon T-Shirt and our coveted 3-part medal!

Runner’s stories 2020

Jenny-Anne Dexter

Jenny took on the ultimate challenge to complete the MSMW 2020 Virtual Full Marathon. She chose to do each run in the relative towns (Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill and East Grinstead). Jenny told us she has 3 exhausting days but had fantastic support from friends and her husband. We want to say a massive well done to her for completing the race and we hope she’s enjoying her bespoke medals.

Jenny said: “At first I was devastated I couldn’t take part in the Marathon Weekender but I decided to sign up for the virtual race after my friends agreed to support me by running alongside me. I couldn’t face doing it alone! They also drew up unique routes around Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and East Grinstead, so I didn’t know where I’d be going in advance, which added to the excitement. Completing it has given me a renewed belief that I can work towards a full marathon distance next year, which is my ultimate goal. So bring on 2021! 

Runner’s stories 2020

Clapping hands sign

Over 700 children from 18 schools across Mid Sussex have completed MSMW 2020 Virtual Fun Run Week. They have all done amazingly well and should be so proud of all the students that completed the race. We are so happy we have been able to still do this event virtually to help children stay active and have fun!

Read on to find out how St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School got on during MSMW 2020 Virtual Fun Run Week.

“Great day yesterday with the launch of our @MidSxMarathon 1km and 1mile challenges. Well done to all of our runners and supporters.”

“Another 19 runners in action yesterday both at home and in school for the @MidSxMarathon virtual 1km and 1 mile races. The kids have really enjoyed it – so many aimed for 1km and then went for the mile!”

“Wow @MidSxMarathon we have had an incredible week with 90 of our children completing either the 1km fun run or the 1 mile from either home or at school. We still have a few more runners to go! Thanks for this great opportunity @MidSxMarathon.”

Runner’s stories 2020

Here’s how jezzaruns got on during the MSMW 2020 Virtual Race!

All set for tomorrow solo 10 miles to kickstart my @midsussexmarathon weekend fundraising for Heads On Charity .

Day 1 complete – a relaxing solo 10 miles.

All set as tomorrow brings Day 2 of @midsussexmarathon – a steady 10 miles on the trails and more fundraising for Heads On Charity.

Day 2 @midsussexmarathon complete – solo 10 miles on the trails and another £50 pledged for Heads On Charity.

All set for tomorrow Day 3 of my @midsussexmarathon weekend and a chance to raise funds for Heads On Charity and the opportunity to talk about mental health . Together we can break the stigma , prevent suicide and say no to bullies . The feet will do the talking.

Day 3 @midsussexmarathonweekend complete – a socially distanced 10k with Ian P . 57.57 with a last mile of 8 min 30 !!! Another £50 pledged for Heads In Charity.

Happy to receive my medals for the virtual @midsussexmarathon and a big thank you to the organisers @niceworkrun . Hopefully see you all next year in person. “

Massive well done Jezza, you did amazing!!! We will be looking forward to seeing you in 2021!!

Congratulations to all that have taken part in MSMW 2020 Virtual Fun Run Week!!!

Well done to all the children, families and schools that have completed MSMW 2020 Virtual Fun Run Week. It looks likes you’ve all had a wonderful time taking on the Fun Run challenge, its great to see you all enjoying yourselves!!

Our race director, Simon Adby said “We are so delighted that we have been able to offer the opportunity of a Virtual Fun Run in 2020. Especially as children’s health and wellbeing has been more important than ever this year, it’s been key to get children outdoors and being physically active. “

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the schools that have taken part in this year’s virtual event.

Felbridge PrimaryWoodlands Meed
Staplefield PrimaryTwineham PrimarySt Peter’s Primary
The Gattons Infant School West Hoathly CE Primary SchoolBolney CE Primary School
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Imberhorne Secondary ❂ ❂ The Burgess Hill AcademyBlackthorns Primary
St Mary’s CE Primary School Holy Trinity
Manor Field Primary School
Baldwins Hill Primary SchoolWarninglid Primary School
St Augustine’s CEP School

Let us know how you got involved!! Did you take part as a family, with school or alongside NSPCC Childhood Day? How did you complete the race? Did you get creative?? Share your stories and photos with us and tag us at #MSMW2020.

Don’t forget to submit photos and evidence of participation by the 1st July 2020. Remember every child that took part will receive a fabulous wooden medal and certificate!

MSMW 2020 Virtual Runner’s Stories

Samantha Day

Day 1 completed of the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 – 10.55 miles and no rain!Fabulous scenery. Thank you for going virtual giving us the opportunity and motivation to enrol and take part. Looking forward to the next 10 miles tomorrow.

Day 2 completed of the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 – 10.72 miles. I had so much fun today on the walk and especially on the viaduct. Just goes to show what exercise in a lovely location can do for you. Only 6.2 miles to go tomorrow!

Day 3 completed! Yes 6.3 miles today to finish the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 marathon event. I have so enjoyed this challenge. I would recommend it to you all. A big thank you to the organisers for making this virtual and giving me the motivation to take part. I am looking forward to my medals!

After completing the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 virtual event last week over three days, it has motivated me to continue walking longer distances. Today I walked 15.2 miles in preparation for walking 26.2 miles, a whole marathon next weekend in a day.

Well I am blaming the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020! At the beginning of June I registered for the Marathon virtual event, 26.2 miles which I chose to do over three days. I had such a good time and it made me feel so motivated that today I decided to walk 26.2 miles in one day! All good and feeling great.

Congratulations Samantha on completing the MSMW 2020 Virtual Race!!! We hope you are enjoying your medals, your amazing !!

Well done to everyone who completed MSMW 2020 Virtual Race!

Thank you for all your amazing comments, we just love reading them!

Simon Kingsley-Young “Tbh, I NEVER thought that I would ever be getting a medal for taking part in a virtual run, let alone complete a whole marathon. As the post says, you can do a little each day and you get the choice of running, jogging, walking, hopping, skipping, crawling or any other method to get it completed. Well done to Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 for making this event more inclusive than ever before.”

Nura Karpowitsch “Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 omg, I had some stunning scenery, spent more time taking photos than running/walking 😂😂”

Elizabeth Thomas Prentis “Got my medals the other day. Thank you. They look rather wonderful all stacked up”

Richard Barr “Wow ! What a perfect opportunity to run a great virtual run with #MSMW2020 “

Samantha Day “Well I am blaming the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020! At the beginning of June I registered for the Marathon virtual event, 26.2 miles which I chose to do over three days. I had such a good time and it made me feel so motivated that today I decided to walk 26.2 miles in one day! All good and feeling great.
You have up to 28th June to register for any distance you would like to run, walk or cycle as long as you complete it by 1st July. Who knows, you could end up feeling as empowered and motivated as I do and the medals are fab!

Jim Vidler “This is such a great event, and being virtual this year doesn’t really detract from the challenge, well worth giving it a go!”

Wendy White “What I love about this virtual event is that you can choose your distance. Can be less than a marathon.”

Samantha Smith Cllr “Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 is perfect for those who have just started out doing exercise and also for those who find it hard to be in crowds and want to take the race over several days.
Families can participate together and it gives people who may have disabilities to have a chance and take part too!”
So excited!
My first ever medal and I’m chuffed to bits 😁
I completed 10k on my bike last weekend and for some that doesn’t seem much but to me it was a HUGE effort and achievement 🏅
I didn’t think i could do it but there are a lot of things in my life I never thought I could do!
Super proud of my achievement and I hope they do another virtual race because it suits me and would enter again 😊

Kathy Wras “Its been great to have the challenge 🙂 , Day 2 today for me today, 2nd 5 miles under my belt, my poor knees aren’t looking forward to tomorrow!”

Becky Workman “My medals arrived today and they are amazing! Thank you so much for allowing us to run virtually this year. Looking forward to running it with everyone else next year 🤞”

Simon Kingsley-Young “You’ll be glad that you did….I was!!”

Becky Workman “I did! Definitely need some recovery tips 🤣. Thanks for enabling us to do this remotely this year. Looking forward to receiving the gorgeous medals 🏅”

#f15d40James Munden “10 yesterday and 10 today. Missed the event but still great to get out. 6.2 in the morning 😀”

Cathy Burke “Just finished day 1 10 miler. Would normally be sweeping the race so figured this year I may as well run it. #MSMW2020 #teamnicework”

Hope you’re enjoying your well deserved medals and don’t forget you can still grab yourself a MSMW 2020 T shirt!

Running as a family!

Running is a fitness activity that the whole family can get involved in. Unlike any other sports, running activities can accommodate any fitness level or ability. You can make it work for families of all ages. Read on to find out just some of the benefits of running as a family.

It’s good for the mind and body

Running does wonders for the body by strengthening your bones and muscles, exercising your lungs, and boosting the immune system. Living an active lifestyle also makes you more mentally alert, which means kids who are active also tend to be active learners.


Running together is a great way of encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle whilst having quality family time. Working as a family towards a shared goal and celebrating your achievements will bring everyone closer together.


If you’re new to running and are looking to start out easy, running small short distances with your kids can help your motivation stay high.


If you’re taking on one of your longer runs, why not warm up with your kids? Have some fun, jump around, dance or skip to get the blood plumping, even if it’s just a jog to the end of the street and back, it’s a way of fitting in your daily steps.


Not only will you enjoy the race endorphins as a family, but you’ll also have fun bonding over the memories for weeks to come.

Have FUN

Signing up to MSMW 2020 Virtual Fun Run together may spark a love for running and encourage your children to take on new challenges for the rest of their lives.

Sign up to MSMW 2020 Virtual Fun Run today !!!!

Think you can’t be part of MSMW 2020 Virtual Race? Think again!

The benefit of going virtual is that you can take part at your own pace and whenever is convenient for you!

You can join the fun of MSMW 2020 Virtual Race anyway that suits you!

You could…

  • Run a little each day
  • Walk the distance or even cycle
  • Complete your chosen distance in your garden
  • Make a fun race day with your family
  • Take part on a treadmill
  • Do one mile a day for 5 or 10 days

Remember you don’t have to enter the full marathon you can do the 1K, 1 Mile, 5K, 5 Mile, 10K, 10 Mile. or challenge yourself to the half marathon. The choice is up to you!!

If you’re new to running take a look at the NHS guide to running for beginners! Also check out our tips for choosing what surface is best for you to run on and route planning.

Give it a try and sign up now to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun!