Well done to everyone who completed MSMW 2020 Virtual Race!

Thank you for all your amazing comments, we just love reading them!

Simon Kingsley-Young “Tbh, I NEVER thought that I would ever be getting a medal for taking part in a virtual run, let alone complete a whole marathon. As the post says, you can do a little each day and you get the choice of running, jogging, walking, hopping, skipping, crawling or any other method to get it completed. Well done to Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 for making this event more inclusive than ever before.”

Nura Karpowitsch “Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 omg, I had some stunning scenery, spent more time taking photos than running/walking 😂😂”

Elizabeth Thomas Prentis “Got my medals the other day. Thank you. They look rather wonderful all stacked up”

Richard Barr “Wow ! What a perfect opportunity to run a great virtual run with #MSMW2020 “

Samantha Day “Well I am blaming the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020! At the beginning of June I registered for the Marathon virtual event, 26.2 miles which I chose to do over three days. I had such a good time and it made me feel so motivated that today I decided to walk 26.2 miles in one day! All good and feeling great.
You have up to 28th June to register for any distance you would like to run, walk or cycle as long as you complete it by 1st July. Who knows, you could end up feeling as empowered and motivated as I do and the medals are fab!

Jim Vidler “This is such a great event, and being virtual this year doesn’t really detract from the challenge, well worth giving it a go!”

Wendy White “What I love about this virtual event is that you can choose your distance. Can be less than a marathon.”

Samantha Smith Cllr “Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 is perfect for those who have just started out doing exercise and also for those who find it hard to be in crowds and want to take the race over several days.
Families can participate together and it gives people who may have disabilities to have a chance and take part too!”
So excited!
My first ever medal and I’m chuffed to bits 😁
I completed 10k on my bike last weekend and for some that doesn’t seem much but to me it was a HUGE effort and achievement 🏅
I didn’t think i could do it but there are a lot of things in my life I never thought I could do!
Super proud of my achievement and I hope they do another virtual race because it suits me and would enter again 😊

Kathy Wras “Its been great to have the challenge 🙂 , Day 2 today for me today, 2nd 5 miles under my belt, my poor knees aren’t looking forward to tomorrow!”

Becky Workman “My medals arrived today and they are amazing! Thank you so much for allowing us to run virtually this year. Looking forward to running it with everyone else next year 🤞”

Simon Kingsley-Young “You’ll be glad that you did….I was!!”

Becky Workman “I did! Definitely need some recovery tips 🤣. Thanks for enabling us to do this remotely this year. Looking forward to receiving the gorgeous medals 🏅”

#f15d40James Munden “10 yesterday and 10 today. Missed the event but still great to get out. 6.2 in the morning 😀”

Cathy Burke “Just finished day 1 10 miler. Would normally be sweeping the race so figured this year I may as well run it. #MSMW2020 #teamnicework”

Hope you’re enjoying your well deserved medals and don’t forget you can still grab yourself a MSMW 2020 T shirt!