How to choose your route for the MSMW2021 Virtual Race

The distance is the only requirement—everything else is up to you! Finding a good route can make your race experience even more exhilarating. Remember you can run, walk, hop or even skip and you have until the 31st of May to complete the challenge! You can do it over the traditional 3 days or any period during May, the choice is yours.

Route planning

Decide what you want from a Running Route.

It’s really up to you and what you want to achieve from the path you’re running on. If you’re interested in a challenge then hills are a great, if you’re just starting out you’re probably best with a park run or even laps of your garden.

Think of the running surface.

It’s a good idea to plan routes that take you over a variety of surfaces. Grassland, wooded trails, dirt paths as well as roads are all good running surfaces. Of course, if you are looking to run your best ever race, then you should stick to the pavement or running track.

Consider weather.

If the sun is shinning remember your sunscreen and plenty of water. Ensure you are wearing suitable footwear for the conditions and if the weather is against you, you may want to use a less exposed running route. 

Keep it interesting.

Run somewhere you like to keep it fun, interesting and even exciting.

Use Strava routes.

If you are stuck for ideas, you can find routes that runners near you have completed and also build your own route.

Do a out and back route.

If you don’t have the tech to map a route or have trouble remembering directions, an out-and-back is a simple solution. If you have a GPS watch, all you have to do is run half of the race out and then run the other half back. Knowing there is a half way point can be very helpful.

Complete the race on a treadmill.

This is a good option for people who can’t go outside right now.

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