Runner’s stories 2020

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Over 700 children from 18 schools across Mid Sussex have completed MSMW 2020 Virtual Fun Run Week. They have all done amazingly well and should be so proud of all the students that completed the race. We are so happy we have been able to still do this event virtually to help children stay active and have fun!

Read on to find out how St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School got on during MSMW 2020 Virtual Fun Run Week.

“Great day yesterday with the launch of our @MidSxMarathon 1km and 1mile challenges. Well done to all of our runners and supporters.”

“Another 19 runners in action yesterday both at home and in school for the @MidSxMarathon virtual 1km and 1 mile races. The kids have really enjoyed it – so many aimed for 1km and then went for the mile!”

“Wow @MidSxMarathon we have had an incredible week with 90 of our children completing either the 1km fun run or the 1 mile from either home or at school. We still have a few more runners to go! Thanks for this great opportunity @MidSxMarathon.”

MSMW 2020 Virtual Runner’s Stories

Samantha Day

Day 1 completed of the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 – 10.55 miles and no rain!Fabulous scenery. Thank you for going virtual giving us the opportunity and motivation to enrol and take part. Looking forward to the next 10 miles tomorrow.

Day 2 completed of the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 – 10.72 miles. I had so much fun today on the walk and especially on the viaduct. Just goes to show what exercise in a lovely location can do for you. Only 6.2 miles to go tomorrow!

Day 3 completed! Yes 6.3 miles today to finish the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 marathon event. I have so enjoyed this challenge. I would recommend it to you all. A big thank you to the organisers for making this virtual and giving me the motivation to take part. I am looking forward to my medals!

After completing the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 virtual event last week over three days, it has motivated me to continue walking longer distances. Today I walked 15.2 miles in preparation for walking 26.2 miles, a whole marathon next weekend in a day.

Well I am blaming the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020! At the beginning of June I registered for the Marathon virtual event, 26.2 miles which I chose to do over three days. I had such a good time and it made me feel so motivated that today I decided to walk 26.2 miles in one day! All good and feeling great.

Congratulations Samantha on completing the MSMW 2020 Virtual Race!!! We hope you are enjoying your medals, your amazing !!

Running as a family!

Running is a fitness activity that the whole family can get involved in. Unlike any other sports, running activities can accommodate any fitness level or ability. You can make it work for families of all ages. Read on to find out just some of the benefits of running as a family.

It’s good for the mind and body

Running does wonders for the body by strengthening your bones and muscles, exercising your lungs, and boosting the immune system. Living an active lifestyle also makes you more mentally alert, which means kids who are active also tend to be active learners.


Running together is a great way of encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle whilst having quality family time. Working as a family towards a shared goal and celebrating your achievements will bring everyone closer together.


If you’re new to running and are looking to start out easy, running small short distances with your kids can help your motivation stay high.


If you’re taking on one of your longer runs, why not warm up with your kids? Have some fun, jump around, dance or skip to get the blood plumping, even if it’s just a jog to the end of the street and back, it’s a way of fitting in your daily steps.


Not only will you enjoy the race endorphins as a family, but you’ll also have fun bonding over the memories for weeks to come.

Have FUN

Signing up to MSMW 2020 Virtual Fun Run together may spark a love for running and encourage your children to take on new challenges for the rest of their lives.

Sign up to MSMW 2020 Virtual Fun Run today !!!!

Think you can’t be part of MSMW 2020 Virtual Race? Think again!

The benefit of going virtual is that you can take part at your own pace and whenever is convenient for you!

You can join the fun of MSMW 2020 Virtual Race anyway that suits you!

You could…

  • Run a little each day
  • Walk the distance or even cycle
  • Complete your chosen distance in your garden
  • Make a fun race day with your family
  • Take part on a treadmill
  • Do one mile a day for 5 or 10 days

Remember you don’t have to enter the full marathon you can do the 1K, 1 Mile, 5K, 5 Mile, 10K, 10 Mile. or challenge yourself to the half marathon. The choice is up to you!!

If you’re new to running take a look at the NHS guide to running for beginners! Also check out our tips for choosing what surface is best for you to run on and route planning.

Give it a try and sign up now to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun!

NSPCC Childhood Day!

Be a big kid for the day and take on the NSPCC childhood fundraising day!

NSPCC’s Childhood Day will be taking place on Friday 26th June 2020. The aim is to bring people of all ages together to celebrate everything that’s great about being a kid.

Sign up to MSMW 2020 Virtual Fun Run and get creative with how you complete it and help children across the UK!!

Be a big kid animation

Be inspired by childhood fun and games, get everyone involved and have some fun whilst raising money and awareness to help give more children the safe and happy childhood they deserve.

Why not try?….

Tackling a mile long egg and spoon race (or challenge the adults to 5 miles)

Demonstrating your gymnastic skills, cartwheel, forward roll or handstand your way through 1K, you could even create a routine!

Build a obstacle course out of household items.

Dancing for a mile.

Dribbling a football through cones for 1K.

Grabbing a space hopper and bounce your way through the distance!

Roller skating a mile.

Get competitive with a three legged race (please follow government guidelines and only complete this with someone you live with)

Hosting a mini sports day in your back garden or local park!

Taking part in fancy dress or with your face painted.

Having a celebratory victory virtual tea party after your race!

Here is just a handful of idea’s, you can also let your imagination run wild and come up with your own childhood-inspired fundraising challenge’s to. Embrace your inner child.

How to get involved:

  • Sign up to MSMW 2020 Virtual 1K Fun Run, Junior Mile or challenge yourself to the 5k, 5 mile, 10k or 10 mile the choice is yours!
  • Pick an activity
    Get inspired by childhood sports, fun and games.
  • Take part
    Get friends and family involved over Zoom or take on a solo challenge on 26 June 2020 or a date that suits you.
  • Raise money
    Collect donations or get sponsored for your activity, and every pound will help us be here for children.

How your fundraising helps

The Coronavirus crisis is making life hard for children – and many are contacting our Childline service for help. We’ve seen a surge in calls to Childline from children worried about the Coronavirus. Many are struggling with their mental health, or don’t feel safe in their own homes. Your support can help us be here when they need someone to turn to.

MSMW 2020 Virtual Race T-Shirt

Get kitted out for your virtual race and celebrate your MSMW 2020 Marathon achievement with our stylish and eco conscious T Shirts. This product is constructed from 100% organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy-powered factory, in keeping with this years mission to reduce the environmental impact and improve sustainability of the Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend.

We have men’s, unisex, women’s crew neck and children’s T shirts in a variety of colours to suit everyone. Prices start from just £20!

Leave nothing but footprints and remember your experience with this great memento!

Get your organic cotton, sustainable MSMW 2020 T shirts today!

Want to know more about this years bespoke medal design?

We are delighted to hear so many of you love the MSMW 2020 medals. We’d like to say a massive thank you to White Rabbit Events for the fabulous design.

Read on to find out more about White Rabbit Events, the artist, Kat, and how she went about designing these incredible medals!

About white rabbit events by Medal designer Kat

One of the services offered by White Rabbit Events is bespoke, in-house medal and logo design. I (Kat) am an artist who creates from the heart, to capture imagination and inspire those who I reach – from organisers to recipients.

From start to finish my design process focuses on bringing the core of the event or brand to life. I spend time researching and discussing the background and history of an event with the client, really getting to understand their journey, passion and goals. Above all, I want the finished design to make my clients and their awesome recipients to feel inspired, proud and a part of something special.

How kat created the design for msmw 2020 medals

The Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend 2020 medal vision was to create a design which was unique, commemorative and captured the spirit of the event. MSMW is one of a kind, with 3 different races, over 3 days in 3 Mid Sussex towns (under normal circumstances!). This event really brings these communities together, working with local leisure centres and businesses, responsibly showcasing the scenic environment each town has to offer, supporting charities along with providing races for all of the family and a supportive volunteer team!

To capture the importance of the environment and community, I chose historical landmarks / places of interest from each town and together with MSMW organisers and the respective Councils, we agreed that these places reflected the community spirit in each town. They each play an important role and are places that each area is proud of. This fits the ethos of MSMW perfectly.

I then set about creating the design so that the elements would look detailed and striking, both individually and when they are overlaid as the Marathon or Half Marathon Finishers set. Myself and the MSMW team are very proud of the results and we’re really enjoying seeing the worthy recipients showing them off!

Kat is now busy planning something else very exciting for MSMW 2020 runners, so watch this space for further details!

If you haven’t signed up and want to grab one or all of these bespoke medals, you still can! You have until the 28th June to sign up and until the 1st July to complete your distance!

We love hearing your stories

Thank you to everyone who has tagged #MSMW2020 and shared their MSMW 2020 running stories. We miss seeing you all this year, so we really love hearing from you and it’s great to see so many of you enjoying the Virtual challenge!

Here are just some of the comments we’ve received:

Mark Raven “All done. Loved having a new challenge, so happy that you kept it going as a virtual race. Day 1 Ardingly Reservoir 10m, Day 2 Weir Wood Reservoir 10m , today West Hoathly 10k trail. Tried to replicate the real thing and made each day hilly and today just as hot as last year.”

Samantha Day “Day 2 completed of the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 – 10.72 miles. I had so much fun today on the walk and especially on the viaduct. Just goes to show what exercise in a lovely location can do for you. Only 6.2 miles to go tomorrow!”

James Munden “Day 3 done 26.2 done 😁 day 3 I was joined by Emily but she didn’t put much effort in mainly asleep!”

Becky Workman “Thanks for enabling us to do this remotely this year. Looking forward to receiving the gorgeous medals”

Jim Vidler “This is such a great event, and being virtual this year doesn’t really detract from the challenge, well worth giving it a go!”

Ian Highland ”All done, 2 HM’s in 3 days. Just the motivation I needed. Thank you.”

The MSMW 2020 Team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone supporting MSMW2020 and making it such a success!

If you haven’t already, sign up now! What have you got to loose! Remember to post your pictures and tag #MSMW2020


In this article we will cover 6 different surface types to run on and their benefits.

  • Running on pavement is ideal for fast running – there is very little danger of turning your ankle. However, consider that it maybe harder on your joints because the pavement does not cushion your steps.
  • A forest or park floor is soft and provides excellent cushioning. Try to pick a route that avoids too many roots, rocks and bumps.
  • Grass is a low-impact surface, meaning that it’s easy on your muscles and joints. Many grassy surfaces are natural, they can be uneven, so as always, do watch your step.
  • A sandy surface trains your muscles and makes you lift your feet. It’s tougher on the calf muscles, so be sure to stretch out afterwards.
  • An all-weather synthetic track surface is springy and great in all weather conditions. Check your local council website for details of tracks near you.
  • The treadmill allows you to train year round with good cushioning and ideal if you can’t leave home. Run to your favourite track to keep it interesting.

Everyone will have different preferences for their favourite surfaces to run on, explore the options and decide which one you like most. Then sign up for MSMW2020 virtual race.